Friday, 10 January 2014

Burgundy Fever

Happy new year guys! How many of us made resolutions and have fallen off track already? Well, I have. Which is why i am not big on resolutions anymore, rather goals and time frames.But the struggle continues I guess. Hoping this year would be a milestone year for me. So many things I intend to achieve career wise, business wise etc Watch this space! Better blogging also! Can I get an amen? 

Enough of my rants. As with menswear fashion trends burgundy has slowly crept on us. Tired of the different shades of blue? Inject some burgundy. Trust me this won't have you thinking ' what I was thinking ' later on. It's really more of a classic than a trend. 

Friday, 27 December 2013


Credit: Bella Naija

Here are my top looks from the recently conducted Music Meets Runway (MMR) show.

Floral Explosion

He looks like he just stepped out of the runway . Takes a lot of confidence to pull this off. Floral print,shorts and gold shoes. Superb!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Shirt : Orange Culture

Pants : Bespoke

Shoe : Bespoke

Pad : iPad mini

I can't even begin to rave about how much a fan of orange culture I am (is this correct English?). Let's be honest, menswear can be repetitive and sometimes boring.  So refreshing to have a menswear brand which provides an alternative to the usual 'suit and blazer'.  Did I mention? Proudly Nigerian as well. 

I wore this to the 'Music Meets Runway' show on Saturday. I have come to realize that comfort is a huge component of my personal style, and this is a cool way to dress up, without feeling dressed up. 

More pictures

Friday, 20 December 2013

Late Thoughts on Lagos Fashion Design Week (LFDW) 2013

Wow!! I have been a very bad blogger. Bad doesn't even cut it. Anyway, my apologies. LFDW held a couple of months back, and it was successful to say the least. It's come to be one of the defining highlights of fashion in Nigeria.

Fashion Business Series

I was only able to attend on two of the days of the program. I was really excited to attend the Fashion Business Series; a forum of discussions on the fashion industry in Nigeria. I expected to  see key players such as Designers, stylists, Fashion editors etc But to my surprise, the turnout wasn't all that. I guess Nigerians are more interested in the glitz and glamour of the fashion shows. Disappointing!

It was quite insightful however. Discussions ranged from ecommerce and fashion, Intellectual property , Public relations , amongst others chaired by Omoyeni Akerele with guests such as Folake Coker (Tiffany Amber), Okunoren twins, Arieta, Shola Shagaya (Konga).

Day 2 @ the Fashion Business Series. Thanks Bella Naija!

OOTD: Week Finale

Young Designers Competition

Alongside fashion shows, LFDW conducts a young designer competition. Designers are selected from all over the country. I was impressed with the final selection. However, hugely disappointed by the selection of the winner.  Apparently, most of the audience shared my disappointment. 


Now, as much as I appreciate fashion as a whole, i can't help but be partial to menswear. 

Orange Culture

Orange culture was the highlight of this year. Taking bold steps in redefining perceptions of menswear and a new found love for prints.

Okunoren Twins

Loved the minimalism of this collection.

Josh Samuels

Last year's young designer winner didn't fail to impress.

Kenneth ize

One of the young designers who brought a refreshing take on menswear.

Mc Emeka

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Exams are finally over. I feel lighter, i can smell the fresh air, and most importantly back to blogging.

Lately,prints have been a huge trend; from runways to high street stores.Here's introducing an exciting new brand; TZAR pushing the boundaries in metrosexuality with its capsule collection of print shirts.In what seems like tiny steps, the menswear fashion scene in Nigeria is on an upward trajectory. This makes me excited.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I am usually not a huge tee person. However, when i find one(s) that capture my attention, i cant help but splurge. MR GARBE is an urban tshirt brand based in london which sources inspirations from African nations. People who reside in Nigeria can purchase at our fave indigenous online store: GIDDIMINT

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